Ghosts and Apples Mobile

Refold is a trusted game technology partner and games studio located in Stockholm - Sweden

We have several decades worth of experience from the video games industry, working at companies such as King, Avalanche, Grin, Ninja Theory and UDS.
Game technology development

We have extensive experience working on game engines and tools for game development on all major platforms, including consoles. We are currently the primary service provider working on the Defold game engine on behalf of the Defold Foundation.

We can help you with game engine and tools development and optimisation, third-party SDK integrations, technical design reviews and technical project management.

Game development, porting and publishing

Over the course of our careers we have developed and shipped games for consoles, mobile, desktop and web. We are comfortable working with custom engines as well as established engines such as Defold, Unity, Unreal and many others.

We can help you with game development, game optimisations, technical reviews and project management. Refold is also an approved Nintendo Switch and PlayStation publisher which means that we can help with porting and publishing for Nintendo and PlayStation, primarily for games made with Defold.

Video games industry advisors

With our long experience from the video games industry we are in a position where we can act as advisors to studios and independent developers.

We can advise on technical decisions before, during and after the development of games and game technology.

Trigger Dungeon

This troll and rage hardcore platformer game promises an infuriatingly difficult and maddening experience. It is rumoured that there is an ending and that it is possible to beat the game without dying. Good luck with that.

Platforms Nintendo Switch (EU, US, JP)
Developer Ben James
Ghosts and Apples Mobile

Put your skills to the test and get hooked by a unique gameplay that combines action, strategy, reasoning and memory. Accumulate golden apples and gems to buy the keys of every room within the mysterious house.

Platforms Android, iOS
Developer Rough Cyber Humans
Duo Zombies

Duo Zombies is a cooperative game where you help two zombie friends escape an evil facility through obstacle filled levels.

Duo Zombies is part of a series of co-op games developed by Flazm for release on Poki. We partnered with Flazm to bring their zombie themed co-op game to Nintendo Switch.

Platforms Nintendo Switch (UK), (US), (JP)
Developer Flazm

Battle your way through 3 realms of 'Sector 781', a pixel art platformer.

We partnered with Ben James to release Sector-781 on Nintendo Switch as well as on a number of web game platforms.

Platforms Nintendo Switch (UK, US)
Game Distribution
Developer Ben James
Safe Cracker

Assume the role of an international safe cracker saving for retirement.

Another collaboration with Ben James. This is an adaptation for Kai OS of a game Ben released for the Nokia 3310 jam.

Platforms Kai OS
Developer Ben James

Run, dash, dodge and jump for as long as you can.

Ruuun! was created to test Kai OS as a platform for releasing games made with Defold.

Platforms Kai OS
Developer Refold